Thursday, May 3, 2012

Water Fun & China Plans

It got HOT here today! After working the morning in the AC at work, I went out to the car to go home for lunch and started sweating. Where did this day come from? Then I got home in the evening and the kids are bopping around on the bed in their underwear/diaper. So we went outside and had some water fun.

Then we went for bath time to find out that there was no hot water. So Blind & Sons will be coming out tomorrow to get things straightened out.

Time is fast approaching for us to go to China. We officially bought our tickets today, so we're officially going on May 13. We'll meet Henry for the first time on May 21, and then he'll officially become a U.S. citizen on May 31. We'll immediately hop aboard a train and jump on a flight home so I can get back to work on Monday, June 4. It'll be a lot, and we're praying for Henry and that he'll make adjustments well. Jenn also found out that we'll be travelling with seven other adoptive families, so travelling with other Americans who are in a similar position and are understanding of our noisiness and fidgetiness will be a very good thing.

Jenn is in full-blown getting-ready-for-Lincoln's-birthday-party mode right now. The cake is going to look awesome, and we can all attest to the fact that it's going to taste really good. We're looking forward to the arrival of the Great Grandparents Mullen tomorrow, and then the Parkinsons on Saturday. It'll be a nice little get-together.

Finally, this is what happens when (left) Lydia gets to watch a The Dad Life after dinner, and when (right) Lydia insists to her mother that she wants to wear her mother's clothes.

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