Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday Morning in Beijing

We've been able to Skype with the kids.  Jenn and I were concerned that Lydia, especially, would have trouble seeing and hearing us away from home, but when we saw that she was more interested in playing with the computer keys we knew she was doing just fine with things.  It was so nice to see Lincoln and Lydia and to know things were fine at home.

We're now staying at the Juanguo Hotel in more of the center of Beijing.  It's not the T Hotel in Hong Kong, but it's nice overall.  Except for the shower, which wasn't draining when we got here.  Hopefully they'll be able to get that fixed while we're out today.  And there's a sign by the faucet that says the water is not for drinking.  This doesn't surprise us, as we were told about the water situation, but it's just a different thing to see.

Jenn isn't sleeping too long at night.  The time change coming here didn't bother me too much, and while Jenn hasn't been sick or very tired with jet lag, she's been waking up between 3:00 and 4:00am and not being able to fall back asleep.

On the agenda today is Tianamen Square and The Forbidden City with some of the other families on our tour.

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