Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Day in Hong Kong

I've got to start off with a story about our time in the San Francisco airport that I forgot to share the other day. There was a plane that came in late and a bunch of people sprinting to their connecting flights, one of who me was a guy wearing a T-shirt that said... I am not making this up... "I HATE RUNNING.". It was, perhaps, the most ironic thing I've ever personally witnessed

Yesterday! After waking up and rigging our own little way to use Jenn's hair dryer,

we had breakfast at our hotel with an interesting mix of Western and Eastern items, and then we set out and walked all around Hong Kong... nearly twice. Taking the tram to The Peak gave us some really neat views of the island, and a bunch of the island is green.
There was also the incredible view of Victoria Harbor, which is what I wanted to see.
We passed through the food district, the pier district, the market district, and in the financial district we found Occupy Hong Kong camped out at the bottom of the HSBC building.
The Aisian hippies don't seem to have the same entitlement-minded vigor that we see in America. I'm not sure we even saw more than three people in their little tent city, and the irony is that a short ride up the escalator showed that it was business as usual in the financial sector. But enough of the socioeconomic and political commentary.
We walked from 8:30 in the morning until we got back to the hotel at 6:00 with only a few breaks such as our tram, bus and ferry rides.
our dinner back at the hotel by the culinary students was very good, and the cost was a fraction of what we'd have spent in one of the restaurants in Central Hong Kong.

So I feel like we've seen Hong Kong, and that's good because we're leaving for Beijing today. Hong Kong was a good way to ease into Eastern culture, it seems, because at least there are some Western elements here. It was really interesting to be around so little Western culture, though. Even in Mexico, the DR and Caribbean I could make out some of the language because it was similar enough to English or Spanish. Not here. Not with the spoken or especially the written language. And it'll be even more so in Beijing.

With each passing day we get closer to meeting Henry. He doesn't know it, but we know the LORD has been getting him ready for this time. The time is coming...

The moment of truth for my blogging prospects will be learned tonight. We'll see...

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Emily said...

We are praying for you guys! So glad that you all made it there and are doing well.