Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting Ready To Leave

Things are packed, and I'm pretty sure everybody is as ready as they can be for the next couple of weeks. This is going to be an adventure. Thanks to the CalCrew for their most recent blog post about things they were thankful they had with them on their adoption trip. After reading their post, I think I have things in place to get around the Great (Fire)Wall of China. We'll see how that goes in just a few days.

The prayers that have been said for us to this point have been very encouraging. From ABF on Sunday, to my men's group on Thursday, to Manny's phone call earlier this afternoon, God has been very good to us.

And Henry doesn't know what's coming. We're confident the LORD has been preparing his little mind, and the countdown to May 21 is rapidly coming to a close.

The travel marathon begins tomorrow. Yippee.

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