Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catching Up w/ The Great Wall

Not much new since my last post, but I remembered that I'd not posted any of out Great Wall photos and other fun stops in the Beijing area.  So here's some catch-up.

You may recall my saying that we hooked up with a local, English speaking guide and a French couple and ate at a farmer's house and hiked an unrestored portion of the Great Wall with very, very few other tourists around.

When we finished our hike on a restored portion of the wall, there was a gauntlet of vendors selling all sorts of stuff.  Such as...
Now compare the photo above of Jenn on the wall with this photo of a restored portion.
After our big hike on the wall, and our wonderful dinner from Mr. Shui's Dumplings, we changed hotels to hook up with George, our CCAI Beijing guide, and we hit some of the Beijing hot-spots.

Tiananmen Square

The Forbidden City

We ate pretty good along the way.
Some local at The Forbidden City had his girlfriend take his photo with Jenn.  I couldn't let the opportunity pass, so I snapped one myself.
One evening we went to an Acrobat Show that was kind of like a circus without animals.  It was pretty cool.
And at the end of a day, we did some laundry in our room because the hotel wanted our firstborn for their laundry service.
That does it for this little detour.  I promise I'll report about our hospital visit in my next post.

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