Monday, May 28, 2012

Henry's Physical

Today I saw Socialized Medicine in all its glory.  The line at the hospital to be seen by a doctor was enormous.  No joke, probably more than 100 people in one section of one floor of one hospital in a city of 15 million.  Where there is no such thing as a doctor's office.  Where if you want/need a prescription, you go to the hospital... and wait.
Fortunately, the Adoptive Family section of the Travel Hospital wasn't too busy, and our group was in and out in under 2 hours.  And it was a good thing, because the kids were spent.  One by one, they could be seen hitting the wall, and it was everybody's hope that their child would make it back to the hotel without either a meltdown, or without falling asleep (so they'd take a good nap back at the hotel).  I started feeding Henry Cheerios to keep him awake, and he dozed off mid-chew.  So we moved him to my lap so he'd stay awake.  After a lunch of applesauce and noodles, and the stinkiest diaper you've ever smelled, he went down for his nap.
But back to his physical.  It was quite cursory.  They took his picture, made sure that he did, in fact, have ears, a nose and a throat.  They measured and weighed him, temped him, listened to his heart through his crying (not sure how they pick up murmurs that way, or if they'd tell us if they did), and had us sign some forms promising that we'd have him vaccinated 30 days after we return home.  The kids over 2 years of age had to get TB tested, and they didn't like that one bit.

Henry didn't sleep as well last night, looked like he was ready for a nap at 8:30am but didn't sleep, and was generally cranky on the way to the hospital.  So after being upset for multiple stages of his exam, he was worn out, hence the near napping mid-snack.
I'm going on a Pearl River cruise this evening.  Jenn is going to get Henry to bed on time tonight.  Hopefully he'll get caught up and I'll get some good photos.

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