Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Winter Bird Photography

IMG_1088 (1)

Jenn and I went hiking/photographing/birding today, and she's really been practicing with the camera in anticipation of her upcoming trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Today's destination was Firestone Metropark, and the wildlife was fantastic!

IMG_1011 (1)IMG_4579

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Walk in the Snow

I hadn't done much with the memory card in the old RebelXT, and after the kids took it to the Beaver Marsh the other day, I uploaded them all. Lydia took some cool photos over the past months!


And Lincoln had some fun with it, too...


Lincoln continues to enjoy tennis, and it helps that he's naturally good with the racquet. February will be a month off for him with all of the weekend stuff that we have going on elsewhere, but after he picks it back up, we'll be looking to get him into a tournament or two so he can move up in his classes.

Lincoln's Tennis LessonLincoln's Tennis Lesson

And last week I went birding by myself for the first time (certainly the most peaceful way to do it!).

Photography Hike 1-13-16
Photography Hike 1-13-16
Photography Hike 1-13-16
Photography Hike 1-13-16
Photography Hike 1-13-16
Photography Hike 1-13-16

I saw these two when I was out with the kids, but the birds don't stick around much under those circumstances. :)

WoodpeckerKing Fisher

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

For New Year's Eve, with Grandpa Doug and Grandma Paulette offering to keep the kids for a sleepover, Jenn and I decided to go out for a fun evening with friends. Fire was the restaurant, Severance Hall for the Cleveland Pops was the entertainment. We had a great time.

jenn&ryan severance