Monday, June 30, 2008

Computer down...

Following a not-so-slight coffee accident, we're without a computer for the week.  At this time, it looks like only the keyboard needs replaced, and not the entire computer.  We're due to get it back in a couple of days.

Lincoln is doing great.  He's beginning to recognize us, which is pretty funny.  He still has his moments (we anticipate "moments" in one form or another for a long time), but he's starting to become funny.  Jenn especially likes when he chats back to her when she's talking with him.  He's using the activity mat that we've referenced previously to practice using his hands.  At first he would be able to hit the little toy that plays the music on accident/chance.  Now he's able to steady his hand and have much more control.  He still hasn't figured out what his fingers are for except for sucking on them after he whacks himself in the face.

This is a big week at the Gates home.  Jenn has her CT on Tuesday to evaluate her kidney stones.  This means that Lincoln will be on the bottle for about 36 hours.  Then on Thursday we're going to Blossom for the 4th of July Special.  We'll see how that goes.  Friday is our trip to Columbus to visit with the Parkinson family and bring back Grandma Laura, Grandfather Dave & Aunt Haley for their visit.

Remember Jenn in prayer with regard to her doctor's visits, our travels with family this week, and, as always, for Lincoln as he grows up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

First of all, make sure to give a big thank you to Jenn for posting yesterday.  Ever since she started "facebooking" with friends from church she's been getting brave with the online community stuff.  Who knows how much time she'll spend here in the future!

Lincoln had his first visit to Handel's last evening, and yesterday was a bit of a milestone because he fell asleep a couple of times without being swaddled and without white noise.  Then last night he slept for 6 consecutive hours... Yea!!! Jenn felt very rested this morning. After nursing him at 5:00 am he went back sleep and Jenn was wide awake and not extremely tired!  This is now two consecutive days that he's improved his sleep overnight.

Jenn mentioned that Lincoln likes his mat from Aunt Suzanne & Cheryl.  He's able now to reach the little penguin that plays music and he loves to listen to the music.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8 weeks old this week

This is a big week for our little man. Lincoln will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and have his first vaccine visit on Friday. Let's hope the Tylenol helps:)
He's definitely growing up. Last night he slept from 11pm to 4:15am. We're almost there! Lincoln still loves his bouncy seat from Kristen and Zach and has developed a very strong interest in a new activity mat from Aunt Suzanne and Cousin Cheryl. He can be completely entertained for 30-40 minutes sometimes with the activity mat.
Although he still has his periods of fussiness, things are definitely improving.
We are all looking forward to visiting the Parkinson clan on July 4th introducing Lincoln to Grandfather Dave and Aunt Haley.
Look for new pictures soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mid-Week Hello

Lincoln had his first trip to the mall today.  He apparently knows when he's in a store because he started crying on cue anytime we walked through the door.  But we made it.  Tomorrow marks 7 weeks old.

On another subject:  Is it just me, or was this about the worst NBA Finals in recent memory.  This was worse than the Cavs sweep of last year.  At least we got to watch LeBron for a couple of games against the Spurs.  Instead, this year we got to watch "the match-up the nation wanted to see."  Right.  I can't stand the Celtics (esp. Paul Pierce) and the Lakers are mildly interesting, at best.  Oh, well... On to baseball, huh?  I must say, aside from EURO 2008, I'm in the middle of a sports malaise.  When does Buckeye football start?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bouncy Seat

I know it's disappointing to visit the blog, see a post and realize that there aren't any new pictures of Lincoln.  What a Father's Day Downer to not have a new picture of him!  Anyway, here are some new pics.  He's loving his bouncy seat. He's also getting stronger with holding his head, and that allows the two of us to fly him around the house like Superman. He's pretty cute when he's holding his head up.
On a somewhat separate note, I know there are multiple circles of folks who visit our blog.  For those who are interested, the two friends of ours from our Community Group (pictured recently) who were expecting have now had their babies.  Lincoln's already got a built-in circle friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

First of all, but second in importance, thanks to everyone who has mentioned "Happy Father's Day" to me.  Secondly, and of first importance, a big, appreciative "Happy Father's Day" to Dad ("Grandpa Doug" on this blog... Lincoln's dad has a good role model.) and to Dave ("Grandfather Dave" until we're informed otherwise).  

It's Father's Day, and while I don't have any new pictures to share with you today, I can report that Lincoln is growing and learning like a good little boy.  He's becoming a boy of routine.  He's also figuring out that his feet can play the music on his bouncy seat (thanks Kristen & Zach!).  It takes an intelligent boy to figure that out so young!!!  Of course, he also still tries to gouge out his eye, but we're working on that.  He's starting to show some personality beyond an eating, pooping and occasionally-sleeping baby boy.  Sometimes he's especially chatty, and that makes us both laugh.

Jenn has been an all-star, fabulous mom.  She's really worked with Lincoln to encourage a schedule, and she's keeping the house running wonderfully.

We really appreciate hearing from you.  Many have sent us notes and cards, others have called, and still others have brought meals for us.  Thank you so much.  And to all the dads, "Happy Father's Day!"

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Have a good weekend

Somebody took our screaming baby and swapped us with a happy, most-of-the-time pleasant & content baby.  Jenn has been having a lot of fun with him over the past couple of days and now is at the point where she's not really looking forward to going back to work.

Lincoln is smiling more, filling more diapers, chatting more frequently, enjoy his mobiles, and sleeping somewhat reliably throughout the day!  (and it's not affecting his night-time sleep...yea!!!)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Routine & Family Time

Things are going well at the Gates home.  Lincoln is starting to get into a routine, and this is wonderful news for Jenn.  His naps are coming easier, his meals are remaining frequent (he's growing noticeably) and his wake-times are much more pleasant.  It's been several days since a long-term scream-fest.  I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again, thank you for your prayers for Lincoln.  I know the Hopwoods and others are praying daily for him, and I can tell you that from a rest and growing standpoint, the LORD is answering your prayers.

Lincoln's also getting "grabby" while he's figuring what those two hands are all about.  He doesn't yet know where his hands are, and he whacks himself in the face on a routine basis, often during naps if he's not swaddled.  It's pretty funny to watch.

Lincoln definitely likes to visit Grandma & Grandpa's (Great Grandma gets to enjoy him, too) and he always seems to be on his best behavior there.  On Tuesday evening Jenn and I want to see Indiana Jones while Lincoln went to his Grandparent's home and he reportedly was a good baby and drank his bottle to the last drop and then was content for the rest of the evening.  We like that!

We're eager to see the Hopwoods soon and spend time with them over the coming week.  Lincoln loves his Auntie Em and Jeremy, Grace & Cole will get to meet him for the first time.  It's also only a few short weeks until the Parkinson West family comes.  I know Grandfather Dave & Haley will enjoy meeting Lincoln.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I finally got a picture of Lincoln smiling. He gave me his biggest smile when I first got the camera out, but I couldn't get it focused in time, and then he got a concerned look on his face.  I've not included that picture for you.  These are a couple of the good ones.