Monday, September 15, 2014


It's been over a month since I've posted. Yikes. It't not like there's nothing going on, it's that there's a *ton* going on and devoting the energy to blogging is something I have to summon up.


Jenn's been busy w/ cakes...
The kids started school...
Somebody made the cover...
Jenn and I celebrated 11 years...
Jenn and I are taking off to Cincy this weekend for cousin Kelly's wedding. Looking forward to that.

Oh, and we got a miniva... eh hem!... a Swagger Wagon. Even as I say "Swagger Wagon" I kind of cringe, because while Toyota's original Swagger Wagon commercial is what originally loosened me up to the idea of a minivan, they've come out with a new version for the 2015 model, and it is horible. Take a look at the two:



This is my blog, so I get to tell you what I think of this update. Here's what I wrote on the YouTube page:
For years I swore I'd never drive a minivan. Then I saw the original Swagger Wagon commercial (SWAGGER WAGON | Toyota) and started to warm to the idea. It portrayed parents and kids that were relatable, and put the Sienna in good light. Three kids later, and it was time to consider a minivan. I'd become convinced of their practicality, and the luxury included in the newer models cannot be denied.

Had I seen this advertisement, this new version of the Swagger Wagon, prior to my recent purchase, I'd've been turned off to Toyota & the Sienna. This commercial is awful, is distasteful, and just embarrassing to watch. The characters are not relatable. If the goal was to feature the actual vehicle then the marketing department failed miserably as the attention is on the caricatures not on the product. Further, the blending of racial stereotypes just feels dirty.

To each his/her own, I guess.
But back to our experience. We love this car. The kids are more spread out (they love it, too), it's the most luxurious car we've driven, and we've only scratched the surface on learning what all this thing can do.