Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January, Where Have You Gone?

Well, I figured I ought to get something in so I don't end up with my first blank month since this whole blogging adventure started.
Christmas was fun, with family Christmases here at our place, then a trip to Franklin to spend some time with the Hopwoods.
Hopwood Christmas
Lincoln's reading is really taking off, and it's a lot of fun to listen to him read to us and to Lydia & Henry. Jenn went to Universal Studios with Auntie Haley for a few days after the new year.

my main man gru

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I became 100% owner at CFVC on January 1, and the transition has been interesting, challenging, and something that I'm getting used to. I have SOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated Jenn keeping up with our checkbook and finances at home, as this just isn't an area of interest for me, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, and I'm staying on top of things at the clinic and haven't had any major fires yet. Kirt (Dr. Kirt, to you!) is working out well, and the staff hasn't missed a beat. There's no replacing ODG (Other Dr. Gates), but over time I ought to move into his role, and Kirt ought to assume my spot. In time. Only a few clients have had a really hard time with the transition.
Flashback to Dad's Retirement Party:
Dr. Gates' Retirement Party

On the horizon is a trip to Zion National Park then Las Vegas for some continuing education. This means bonus grandparent time for the kids, and it also means Dad can get back to the clinic for some relief days. The staff is very excited. And Jenn and I are excited to see a part of the country (Zion) that's been on our list for a while, and another part (Vegas) that we probably ought to see once. But the conference is high on my list, as I'll be able to see some veterinarians in person that I've only ever met online.