Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming Lesson #1

Jenn and I are officially the parents of "that kid." Yesterday was Lincoln's first swimming lesson. He marched down to his end of the pool behind his teacher, Miss Hannah, and then informed her that when he gets in the water he does a big cannon ball. And then he showed her. Then when it was time for the actual lesson, and he learned he'd have to listen and do things in the water that weren't completely comfortable, he proceded to cry for 40 minutes. The photo included here is pre-meltdown. I've got to give it to Miss Hannah, she followed through with the teaching very well and didn't let his crying discourage her. Afterward, Lincoln and I had a talk, and he thanked Miss Hannah for teaching him that day. We'll work on the attitude thing and see how next week goes.

We've been dealing with various degrees of sickness here, too. Lincoln got it first, and most mildly. Then Lydia, who's been congested and less interested in eating (though she's still got reserve on board, if you know what I mean). I dealt with some congestion for a couple of days, and Jenn seems to be the least affected. But the kids have been letting us sleep through the night better than they did over the weekend, so we're happy about that.

Lincoln's been very into Church in the Falls' Vacation Bible School and he's actually retaining some of the things he's learned. "I'm going to draw a picture for Mommy, because that's the kind thing to do." What?

Also, on the adoption front, after writing 23 pages of my autobiography we were informed that we don't actually have to write an autobiography. Oh. That's nice. At least I've got a manuscript started so I can shop it around to the major publishers one of these years. Some of the hoops that we have to jump through have been a bit more time-consuming that we originally thought while others haven't been as tough as advertised. I have to give it to the Social Security office. I was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes!

BTW (that's a little texting lingo for "by the way," for our younger readers out there), we passed the 400-post mark on The Gates Experiment and this post is #402. Never did I think we'd make it this long.

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