Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daddy Day - Little Sleep

Today is kind of a disaster of a Saturday. Jenn has a long work day and I've got Lincoln and Lydia. My first clue that it was going to be a long day was when Lincoln told me at 9:45 that he was tired. I think he's still recovering from VBC, where according to his teacher, all of the kids were just a little on edge at the end of the week. He also woke all of us up multiple times last night having to go potty. I'll be glad when the Size 6 diapers are exclusive to Lydia's room.

Lydia has been pretty good, though a bit touchy. We made it to 12:50 and they both went down for a nap. Lydia started crying at 1:40 and then Lincoln came up from the basement a total wreck saying he had a bad dream. Now when he says he has had a bad dream, we're not sure he knows what this means and we're pretty suspicious that he says this whenever he wakes up for a reason that is not known to him. So I'm going to tilt at a windmill and see if I can get him to go to sleep twice in one afternoon. Lydia has been making noises off and on for the last 25 minutes now.

We did manage to squeeze in some photos this morning during our happy phase. And I menteioned previously that Lincoln has shown an interest in getting behind the camera. This is the photo he wanted to take...

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