Thursday, June 16, 2011

Invasion of the Chipmunks!

Lincoln shucked his first ear of corn yesterday!

And now it's time for a Yard Update. Some of you know that we have a neighbor with many (many) cats. These are apparently the laziest cats in the world because we are being overrun with chipmunks this year, and they're taunting Gretel.
There's one that hangs out around the front yard. He sits right out on our walk the front door, just out of reach, and nibbles on seeds, knowing that every moment that passes there is a Boxer just inside the door that wants to chase him.
When he emerges from the tree, it is with the most relaxed stretch.
Then he ducks back to his little hideaway when it's convenient for him.
You've never heard a more pathetic whine from a Boxer in all your life.

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