Saturday, June 4, 2011

Edge Small Group Sleepover II

For our out-of-town family, this portion of posting will be less interesting to you. For the first time, a portion of this blog will be directed toward the families of my Edge Small Group. I've refered in the past to the Edge Games and to the sleepover I hosted last year, but this will be even more Edge-specific.
This past Friday was the second sleepover, and we had a blast.
Tyler (left), a senior at Stow high school, has been my student helper this past school year and he's been an awesome addition to the group. The guys really, really like him, and he's a solid role model fo them. He and I drove 5 guys down to Akron for the game. The guys in our group aren't necessarily real big baseball fans, but with minor league baseball, there's always extra stuff going on around the game that's entertaining. We had a great view!
At Aeros' games, the food is entertainment.
There's something called the Three Dog Night.
And another something called the Nice 2 Meat You Burger.

They're big, and tasty!

Early in the game, the right fielder for the Mets tossed a foul ball into the bleachers where we were sitting and Nick got it. Toward the end of the game, he found a pen from a nice lady sitting near us, dropped the ball and the pen into the Aeros' bullpen and picked up four autographs!
Zach and Eviyon took a swing with the big hammer.
We were all over the stadium during the evening. We spent some time in left field...
We spent some time in right field...
When we finally made it back to the bleachers, the guy who told us in the beginning not to stand right next to the edge of the fence didn't seem to care any more. That's Micah, Tyler and Nick right above the Puppie in Slush Puppie.
After the autographs were signed, the guys still chatted with the relief pitchers.
The game concluded with fireworks!

After we got back home, we had a good time of Bible Study and discussion about the time Jacob wrestled with God. It was one of the better discussion times of the year. Afterward, the guys talked about wanting to get up early in the morning while it was still dark so they could play Ghosts In The Graveyard. I think Brandon even set his alarm for 5:30. But this was the scene at 8:30.
We finished with a big breakfast and some time playing Rapala Pro Bass Fishing. A fun end to year #2!

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knorville said...

What a great "snapshot" for us parents out here to see! Thank you so much for posting for us to read, Nick had a blast! Also thank you for investing your time in our fellows!