Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aeros Game

We all (minus Lydia) took a trip to Canal Park last evening to catch an Aeros game. The game was pretty good.
The Aeros had one bad inning where they gave up 4 runs, but they chipped away in the bottom half of the inning with a run, and then a single run in the next two innings, as well. One was even balked in... bummer! Paolo Espino (left, and look at his elbow!) came on after that bad inning and really held the Portland Seadogs in check for the rest of the game. Then after stretch-time and singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and "YMCA!" they stepped on the gas for a 6 run inning and the score would hold, with a 9 to 4 win! Go Aeros!

I've commented on the food at Canal Park before, and Chris did not disappoint. He downed a Nice 2 Meat You Burger, and they he split a Three Dog Night with Haley. Lincoln put away a hot dog, 1/3 of a pretzel, some ice cream, and a bottle of water that had an amount of floaties in it by the end that even the FDA would have to question its safety. He stayed up way past his bedtime, but I've got to say, he was pretty good throughout.

During the game, Lincoln wanted to play with my camera. Most of his photos were cocked to one side or another, and many were of the back of the seat in front of us. But this one turned out great!

Earlier in the day, Auntie Haley & Chris showed Lincoln how to play with his new "blimp" toy. It's really more like a rocket, but he calls it a blimp. Anyway, it was good for lots of fun in the backyard. And aside from the blimp/rocket, our two houseguests have been great at playing with Lincoln. The three of them were playing in the basement yesterday and Lincoln started spinning around really fast on his bum on the floor. Chris said, "Be careful, if you keep doing that your pants will catch on fire." Without missing a beat, Lincoln replied, "Chris, I wasn't born yesterday." Great timing!

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