Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ledges on a Wednesday

This weekend is the annual Canada fishing trip, so I'm covering Saturday at the clinic. This allowed us all to go on a hike this morning! Lincoln's getting better about going at a good pace so we can all get good exercise. The dogs are wiped out, we had a fun morning outside, Lydia was a trooper, and we even saw something new on the trail: little frogs!

When we got to the Ledges, I let Gretel off her leash and we told Lincoln that she needed to "get the wiggles out." Then Jenn said, "I know a boy who needs to get the wiggles out!" Lincoln knew exactly who she was talking about, so he started running around in the field. After a while, when we were back on the trail in the woods, he said, "I got the wiggles out. They're in the forest now."

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