Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese Tea House Take-Out

There were some sniffles following Lydia around, and combined with getting another tooth, she was sleep deprived, until Sunday afternoon when she crashed and took a long nap. That she let me get the camera set up and didn't stir through a couple of takes ought to say something about her depth of sleep.

Last evening was our Community Group's Murder Mystery Dinner. You may recall that a year and a half ago we had Murder in Margaritaland.
We went with a Chinese theme this year, and the setting was Madame Wong's Tea House in Hong Kong, circa 1906. Decorating the house got to be a fun thing for me and Jenn, from suspending Chinese lanterns by fishing line over our family room to lighting the rooms with lots of candles (how much electricity was there in early-20th-Century China?). Everyone came in character, though I've got to say that finding a costume was quite the challenge for the men. Jenn found a great dress and even a wig. She was one hot wannabe Asian!

Each couple brought a Chinese dessert and Jenn and I went shopping at the Asian Market for dumplings (that were a major hit!) and we got takeout from Sunrise Kitchen, a local Chinese restaurant. For a long time I've wanted to have a party with Chinese take-out so everyone could sample a varity of things. So we had Pepper Steak, Kung Po Chicken, Lo Mein, Sweet & Sour Chicken, fried & white rice, and did I mention the dumplings?

Dong Wong, son of Madame Wong, is shocked, having just been accused of murdering his mother. Ah Si Now, purveyor of wisdom, has a laugh at Dong's expense.

Madame Hu Woo was hard of hearing... or was she?

Though she embarassed him, Chin Lo loved Madame Wong.

Sai Chee &
Madame Sung-Lo

Inspector Shun Sin &
Soo Yu

Boo Kim &
Madame Hu Woo

Madame Wong
& Doo Wong
(both deceased)

Chou Chyou & Wan Ting

Lie-Low & Chin Lo

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