Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Henry's Growing!

Lest anyone get the vibe from the last blog post that nobody was there (I had to leave before the festivities began), here are some pics from the actual event.
I don't want to be accused of overstating a fact, but I'm thinking that Em's shower might become the standard by which all other showers are measured in the circles of ladies that were present.

On a completely different note, and one that hits closer to home for Jenn and me, we got some new photos of Henry! He's growing, they tell us 75cm, and you can tell by the photos that he's filling out quite nicely. Also notice how bundled up he is. Poor little cold guy!

We pray for Henry constantly. Many times throughout the day Jenn, Lincoln and I lift him up to God in prayer. At night, Lincoln asks God "to give Henry the clothes that he needs and the food that he needs." His life now is nothing like our own, as he has the basics to grow, and that's about it. It's powerful to see the LORD providing his needs.

We're still waiting for our log-in date. Chinese New Year is fast approaching, so this date may get pushed back. It's in God's hands. We're happy to see that he's healthy and doing well.

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Emily said...

You are right about the shower. =) And those pictures of Henry are so cute! I love seeing his chubby cheeks. Can't wait to hold that boy.
We continue to pray for Henry every day also.