Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writing Mandarin

Our cruise is fast approaching, and with that comes Grandma Laura's trip here to stay with the kids, as well as Great Grandparents Mullen coming midweek to see everyone, too. Jenn and I are looking forward to this vacation, and we're incredibly grateful to our family for helping us out so much.

Lincoln has been showing more of an interest in learning to read. He's starting to recognize some words that he hears commonly in our stories, and he let's me "quiz" him about spelling. Interestingly, he's much more willing to do this with me than with Jenn. We're not sure why, and it'll be interesting to see how Lydia and Henry are in this area.
Lincoln has also been showing an interest in drawing some of the Mandarin characters he sees. Jenn was painting a few things for our Chinese Take-Out and he liked watching her work. The block that you see in this photo is part of a larger set that has some of the common words, and a guide to show how to write each character. He's actually been doing a pretty good job at it. His proportions are off, but he's doing all of the correct strokes in the correct places. He says, "I'm learning lots of Mandarin!" (Would you believe that this block set was made in America?)

Henry has been on the front of our minds for a long time, but even more so recently with receiving the photos. It's clear that he's growing up fast, and that he's going to be a present part of our family very soon.

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