Sunday, August 1, 2010

Murder in Margaritaland

Last night was our highly anticipated Murder in Margaritaland! We'd never been part of a murdery mystery party before, but Jenn and Mary chose a theme, made a menu and put together a very fun evening for our Community Group.

Jenn was "Coconut Jane" and I was "Coconut Joe." We owned the resort of Margaritaland. The rest of our friends were various characters visiting the resort from the local tatoo artist to a lottery winner to the casanova bartender to the pool boy to the famous state-side actress looking to get away. It was funny to see how some of the folks were perfect matches for their characters. We had a blast. Neither Jenn nor I even came close to finding the murderer. The food was fantastic! And we were able to polish off the evening with hanging out with friends and talking life and kids.
Our hosts for the evening, Mary & Sgt. Lord.

Jack Daniels &
Izzie Islander
Bindy Barkeep &
Sandy Beachbum
Lifesavin' Sam &
Kylie Cocktail
Thurston Howard III
& Candy Cotton
Starr Bright &
Lucky Numbers
Tatum Tatt &
Cabana Bob

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