Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catch-Up, Cuyahoga & Christmas

It's been interesting being away from blogging for a while. With work, home, church, etc. taking our time, I feel bad that we haven't kept current photos up. That, and trying to recap the past two weeks will be tough. The main thing is that there hasn't been a lot of new stuff lately.

Something that has interested me a great deal is the number of hits I'm getting on the Clinic's photostream. We post photos of cute dogs and cats, as well as intersting surgical and medical cases. It fascinates me that a Joe Blow veterinarian like me can take photos that are useful to people all over the world. I just saw one of my photos on some webpage that was translated into Spanish about demodectic mange. Holy cow!

Ledges Trail
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

For historical purposes: Lincoln is now taking about an hour to fall asleep at naptime and bed-time. He's becoming more defiant. He's confusing his, "I don't want..." with his, "I want..." Whenever there is something to do, he says, "I'LL do it!" Potty training has hit a snafoo as Lincoln's interest in independence has led to his not always wanting to ask for help with his pants. We've been able to counteract this a bit with increasing the reward for going without an accident as well as allowing him to stand up on the potty to go pee-pee (thanks for the idea, Kiels!).

Getting back to some fun news, a package arrived from Grandma Laura & Grandpa Dave with gifts from their Alaskan cruise. There were many thoughtful items inside (such as the John Deere knock-off with a moose instead of a deer... Lincoln loves it!) When Jenn told Lincoln who sent the package, he immediately responded, "That was nice of her." Crack. Up.

We've been on a number of hikes lately in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and those are always fun. Gretel's getting much better on her leash on the hikes.

Our schedule is getting pretty busy over the next couple of months. First, our anniversary is coming up in less than two weeks.
SEVEN YEARS! Can you believe it? I love Jenn as much as I ever have and it's crazy to think about all that we've experienced together during these years. What a friend and partner!

As September heats up, Community Group and Edge get rolling.
I lead a group of now-seventh graders, and Jenn and I lead our adult small group. They're time-consuming, but fun. Especially our adult group, which has really gelled over the past few months.

Buckeye Football is just around the corner and the Browns don't look like they'll completely stink this year, both of which I'm sure will take up some of my time on weekends. Our annual Chili Party that we throw with our friends, the Wingaders, is coming up soon. I'm not sure when Apple Picking will fit in. Jenn and I looked at the calendar recently and she said, "September is full, and that means October will be here before we know it." No kidding. And in the midst of all of the busy-ness, Lydia will arrive! The due date is October 12, but who knows when the day will actuall come. Hopefully Lincoln will not have an advisory role, or else Lydia will attempt for a November birthday!

And speaking of plans for the future, let's talk Christmas plans.
  • The Donati Christmas is set for Saturday, December 18.
  • Grandma Laura, Grandpa Dave and Auntie Haley are arriving in northeast Ohio from Scottsdale on December 18 and then leaving for Columbus on the 22nd. So we'll be doing Mullen Christmas at our place before Christmas.
  • Our goal is then to get down to Columbus just after Christmas to see the Parkinsons.
  • Yet to be determined is a date for extended Gates Christmas (hopefully on the 24th or 25th).
All of this planning is with the goal of having Lincoln wake up at our house on Christmas Day. So we'll see how this Christmas season goes as far as the planning and timing is concerned. I'm not sure Lydia will care one way or the other.

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