Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is a show stopper.

Last night before dinner I asked Lincoln if he wanted to pray before we ate or if he wanted Mommy or Daddy to pray. He replied, "I'LL pray." We each then folded our hands and bowed our heads and this is what we heard from his little voice:
"Dear God,
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for this food.
Thank you for loving us, taking care of us, and forgiving our sins.
In Jesus name,

Good stuff, Mister Man, good stuff.

On a separate, less spiritually-touching note, I finally had to replace the battery in the John Deere 150 tractor yesterday. I'd been having to charge it every now and then for the last 24 months. Then on Sunday Lincoln and I were all ready to mow the lawn, and we sat on the tractor only to have it be completely unresponsive.

Late August, 2009
1 Year Ago!!!
Lincoln was not pleased. "Battery died," he said. "John Deere doesn't work," he told Jenn.

So yesterday I asked him if he wanted to help me change out the battery. He got excited and said, "Lift the cover up." He knows right were the battery goes! (As an aside, it's a little scary just how much he knows about where things are on cars, SUVs, lawn mowers, etc. I'm scared I'm going to come home in a few years with the other car disassembled in the garage.) So we replaced the battery, and it fired right up. There were two happy boys at the Gates home.

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Emily said...

What a sweet prayer. . . it makes Auntie Em cry a little. =)
Miss you guys,