Friday, August 27, 2010

Bedtime Routine

After a lengthy absence, it's video time on the Gates blog!!!

Lincoln and I have a bedtime routine. He even refers to it as... "My routine." First I say, "I think you need to tell Mommy a few things."

Lincoln then finds Jenn and says, "Goodbye. Night, night. Love you," and gives her a hug and a kiss. Then we go up stairs to his room. He goes potty, brushes his teeth, puts his nightime diaper on, puts his pajamas on, gets Bear from the top bunk, we read stories together, he climbs into bed, we sing songs, say our prayer, and then finish with a kiss and a hug. Sometimes we'll play a bit between the steps, but we always go in that order. What follows was a portion of our routine this evening.