Saturday, May 1, 2010

Latest Birthday Update

Here's the lates birthday update.

Lincoln and I went to Kidz Kutz to have his hair cut. He got to sit in a great Tractor Seat and watch Spongebob... but he cried anyway... the whole time. But the lady was very nice and understanding, and his haircut looks great. So then when I got him out of the seat to go pay, he pointed to the Tractor Seat and said, "Sit in tractor!" and then started crying again to sit in the tractor. I couldn't win.

Jenn finished his cake and it looks simply awesome! She's getting better and better and better with cake decorating. It's scary to think about what Lincoln's 16-year-old cake will look like!
The excitement will continue through they day. Come back tomorrow to see the recap of all of the fun!


Angela said...

Looks great! Happy Birthday, Lincoln!

I wish I could say the tractor seat scenario (which actually isn't too bad)was a fluke, but our experience in the second year would prove otherwise. Hang on, it could be a year filled with can't-win situations and not-so-fun disciplinary actions...which we're still trying to figure out. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, now thats what I call a cake.
Are your cake skills for hire?

Emily said...