Friday, April 30, 2010

Preparing for the Party

There's a lot going on at the Gates Home and we're not going to leave our extended, out-of-town family out of the loop. The big news since this morning's post has been Jenn's unbelievable work on Lincoln's cake. If you know Jenn, you know that she doesn't do anything half-way. Lincoln's been into Thomas the Train, and when Jenn asked Lincoln if he wanted a Thomas Cake, a Percy Cake or a James Cake, he informed her that he wanted a Percy Cake. She spent most of the day decorating and it's looking fantastic! Here it is in its not-quite-yet-finished state:
Wait until Party Time tomorrow!!!


Mary Zolene said...

Looking Fabulous!!!!

Emily said...

Wow! No surprise that the cake looks amazing!!! Way to go Jenn. =) Thanks for all of the updates and pictures. We wish we could be there, and we miss you guys. Big hugs to the birthday boy!!
Love, Auntie Em