Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Website Launch!

Lots has been going on within the Gates Home lately. Lincoln is still growing up and talking up a storm. Grandma Paulette is able to take him for walks outside now that the weather is warmer. School busses really excite him, when we see a school bus on the road he's very quick to point it out. Increasingly he's been pointing out cement trucks and Jeeps. Grandma was able to show him a Jeep... and he got to touch it!

I've been very mentally occupied with work lately, specifically the launch of the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic's website and all of the bells and whistles that have come with it. It's definitely a new era that we're living in as far as marketing and promotion goes, and we want to be either riding the front or the top of the wave, not being swamped by it or watching it pass us by. God has blessed me with making a great contact with a clinic in Indianapolis. This contact is the practice manager and she's one of the leading voices on internet and social media promotion of veterinary medicine and veterinary practices, and she's put together a great website and blog that was a big inspiration to me. Out of observing this clininc, and doing a bunch of reading on my own, we came up with, and Dad and I are very excited about it. It'll take some ongoing work, but it's work that ought to be well worth it. Check out the site, check out the blog, fan us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our photos on Flickr... they're all linked from the home page. We want to show folks what we're all about.

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Emily said...

Wow! The website looks great! I am very impressed.