Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recapping the Scottsdale vacation

Here are some of the RAW photos that I couldn't post while I was away from Aperture. I'm still learning how to maximize the post-image processing, but I like what the program has been able to do for me so far.

Jenn did lots of hiking, but one morning we all got to take a hike (all except Auntie Haley, who was sleeping off a late show of a chick-flick with friends the night before).

Easter Sunday:

Grandma Laura planned an Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard and it was a major hit!

Things were very green while we were there. It's amazing what some rain in the desert will do!

Also, many cactus blooms were out. They're not out too long in the spring-time, so it was neat to get some photos while I could.

Among many of the new words and ideas that Lincoln has become quite enamored with is "FOUNTAIN!" There were some fountains that caught his eye when we were out on the road and he was thrilled to find this at the zoo.

Lincoln enjoyed the pool:


Our little boy may have coaching in his future.

There's plenty of wildlife to take in. These were running all over Grandma Laura and Grandpa Dave's neighborhood.

When it was all said and done, Grandma Laura got to spend a lot of quality time with Lincoln.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are enjoying your trip!! It looks just beautiful there. And the pics of Lincoln are adorable!! Diane