Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Digger

Lincoln had a big day with Grandma Paulette today. When I pulled into their neighborhood today Lincoln and I saw a digger on a trailer, but I wasn't sure what was to be done with it. Well, the workers were using it when Lincoln arrived home from Ladies Class (w/ Leah!) and he and Grandma Paulette took a walk to see it work!
They then decided to pick dandelions!
Lincoln is fascinated with "Pa's boat" and I hear he wants to drive it. We'll see about that...
If you haven't seen Lincoln dig into a tool box, you may not know that he's becoming a tool expert.
For months he's been telling us the difference between a Flathead Screwdriver and a Phillips Head Screwdriver (which he's doing to your left). He also loves pliars, hammers, nuts, bolts... you name the tool, he probably knows what it is, or at least he can me a good guess!

He's been repeating all sorts of things lately, and his sentences and thoughts are getting longer and longer. The other day he was running in circles in our bedroom
(he usually runs in circles at least once or twice a day) and said, "Running around... crazy man!" in reference to my frequent question to him, "Hey Lincoln, are you running around like a crazy man?" He's also been getting into naming Grandma and Grandpa's cars. This morning on the way to Grandma's House I asked him, "How does mommy get to work?" He said, "Mommy's car!" Then I said, "How does daddy get to work?" He said, "Daddy's Envoy." "How does Grandpa get to work?" He thought a second or two, and said, "Pa's Porsche!" "How does Grandma get to Ladies Class?" After a few moments of thought, he replied "Grandma's Rah-neer (Ranier)!"

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Emily said...

I heard about the big digger yesterday. . . it sounds like it may have been Lincoln's BEST DAY EVER!!