Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Room & A Name

The fun never stops at the Gates Home!
First on tap this weekend was to get Lincoln's "new" room underway. He's keeping his room, we're just shifting the furniture to the new baby's room (more on this below). A while back we bought a bunk bed set, and it's been sitting around apparently waiting for this weekend! Jenn picked out some great bedding for Lincoln's new furniture and also for the baby's new room.

It didn't take long to put the bed together, and Lincoln wanted to be a part of that, so we all had fun as a family setting up the new "big boy bed."

Climbing In

Climbing Out
Then we picked a blue to go with his bedding, and I started the painting process (I can't say I really missed it, but this was a different kind of painting. Norton painting was: "Get this looking nice so someone will hopefully buy it." Forest Edge painting is: "I really like this color, let's make this room look nice for ourselves.") We'll post a finished photo soon (hopefully!).

Drumroll, please.

And now the moment that many of you have been waiting for. There were two names that Jenn and I were volleying back and forth in our minds. They were both relatively uncommon names today (there were three Jenns in the waiting room at the OB's office on Wednesday... Jenn doesn't want that for our daughter!) and they both sat well with us. So we put it to Lincoln, and one of the names he pronounced not-so-perfectly while the other he said very articulately.

And her name shall be: Lydia Gray

We will now be referring to the arrival of our daugther as Lydia's arrival. Lincoln is already calling her by name, and we will be doing the same. This has been a bit of a different pregnancy for Jenn (not better or worse, just different), and judging by Lydia's activity level, she's developing a personality already. It remains to be seen if Lydia will be more of a schedule keeper than Lincoln... we're hoping to meet her in mid, not late, October.


Emily said...

Yeah!! I love it all. . . the trains, the pretty birds, and LYDIA GRAY!! It is a beautiful name and it goes so nicely with Lincoln!

Mary Zolene said...

Can't wait to meet little Lydia Gray!!

jmuller said...

What a beautiful name! Love it! CONGRATS!!! :)

Carla said...

Love the name!!