Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Family Bike Ride of 2010

We all went for a bike ride today. You may recall our last bike ride in Ohio.
June '09
June of last year gave us an unpleasant morning on our bikes and Lincoln was not into riding. This afternoon was different and Lincoln was greatly anticipating the ride. He wanted to help put the bikes on the car, put the bikes together when we got to the trail, and wanted to hold the wheels while Jenn and I actually put them together. Surprisingly, he didn't fuss about his helmet. With only one exception recently, he hasn't been too into wearing hats. But he knew that Daddy and Mommy also had to wear helmets, so he was okay with it.
We rode on the Towpath and passed Szlay's cornfields. Lincoln (and Daddy) were excited to see the big John Deere tractors out plowing the field. Lincoln pointed out that Szlay's (he says that name pretty well) big John Deere tractors plow the fields and Daddy's little John Deeres mow lawns. Insightful little guy.
And we also saw the Grey Goose. For those of you reading this who like to walk over the beaver dam know about the resident Grey Goose. He was quiet today, and quite tolerant of the Canadian Geese around him.
Another good family day had by the Gateses.

On another note, check out what Emily has to say about the Nashville Flood.

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