Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mt. Whitney & A Wreck

Dave recently went for a hike on the Mount Witney Trail. (If you'll recall, we've hi-lited a previous hike of his.) Here are a sample of his pics. Holy cow!

On another note, pics will be taken soon of our house. I know I've been "promising" this for some time, but we've got to get them taken because we've got to get them up on the realty website. So look for those soon. Jenn's been investigating how to purchase homes that are in preforclosure and foreclosure. Just keeping our options open.

I was in my first wreck last night. I got rear-ended while at a stop in Blossom traffic last night on Steels Corners road. Not something I'm interested in doing again. Nobody was hurt. Now I've got to figure out when to get some body work done on my Envoy. I'm glad I was in the Envoy and not the Honda!

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Emily said...

Thank goodness that this has only been your first wreck. I am so glad that God protected you. I hope you are not sore. I am sorry that this happened!