Monday, August 17, 2009

Start of a Busy Week

Jenn and I went to work today to get some rest.

This weekend we were very busy working here and there around the house getting it ready to list. Lots of scraping, painting, sanding, scrubbing, touching-up, banging, drilling, land-scaping etc. The alarm rang this morning and it had a particularly taunting sound that it had not had in previous mornings. We ought to be able to get the house in listing shape by next week, and then we need for the LORD to send the right buyer to come look at it in the near future. The house we want has been available for quite some time, and is currently unoccupied. It's been completely revamped and updated inside and is literally ready for someone (us?!) to move into immediately. It is our prayer that this house that we have our eye on will be available when our house sells, whenever that is. We have reason to be optimistic, we hear, because homes in this range are just not moving much in the area. Hopefully that will work to our advantage. There are a series of steps that must come in a specific order, and we've got to take care of the listing step first. You know we'll keep you posted.

Lincoln has been a good boy for the duration of the work. Sometimes he plays by himself and allows both Jenn and I to work. Other times one of us needs to take a break to occupy him, but that's alright. His vocabulary is growing. We're not always sure what he's saying, but he is quite sure of himself.

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angela said...

It would be nice to move into something ready to go. In our price range, it just wasn't gonna happen. But over time we can make it to our liking...just have to keep saving to fund all these projects! Good luck getting everything done!