Monday, August 24, 2009

We're on the market (!)

Well, we're listed now. After much work and lots of help from mom & dad and Grandma & Grandpa Mullen, our house is now officially up for sale. It's an odd feeling having something as big as a house purchase and a move completely up in the air and out of our control. Kind of a metaphor for life. Our first showing is on Sunday, so we've got until then to get all of the little things done. The biggies are done: wall paper pulled, major painting done, big items moves taken care of. It's all the of the tiny details that are lingering. Kind of a metaphor for life.

Yesterday was our kick-off for our ABF and it was great. We've got a new teacher as our past (very good) teacher moved on to a new job, and we had a great time re-focusing after the summer. I'll probably sprinkle in details and tidbits over the coming months about the ABF as Jenn and I are looking forward to what's in store.


Mary Zolene said...

Congrats!!! We will be praying for God's perfect timing.

Emily said...

Great! We are coming up for Labor Day weekend, so the Hopwoods look forward to seeing all of your hard work then. Can't wait to see you.
Love you guys!