Friday, July 24, 2009

New Words

Lincoln's been saying lots of words lately, and most of them consist of the first consonant and the first vowel of the word. Yesterday, though, he said a whole word and included multiple consonants: "LUNCH." Raise your hand if you're surprised his first whole word related to food. He's also been saying lots of "Mama" and "Dada," too, which is pretty neat.

Almost 2 months ago, Dave and some buddies hiked from Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon. I didn't comment on it at the time, but I went back to the photos recently, and holy cow (!), what a hike!

Tomorrow Jenn and I are going to Blossom to hear the Cleveland Orchestra play some jazz, and the headliner of the evening is Rhapsody in Blue, my favorite piece. The video below is a condensed version of Rhapsody. Give it a listen.

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