Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cast Off

Lincoln's cast is off, and it's kind of funny watching him crawl and walk as if it's still on. He has to regain strength and confidence in the leg, and Dr. Schrader said it can take between 2 and 4 weeks until little ones are holding and moving their leg normally again. Right now he's preferring to crawl rather than walk. So we've got a bit of a break for a few more days.

Our new bedroom furniture was delivered, and we really like it. It doesn't take up as much space in the bedroom as we thought it might, which is a very good thing. Now the only eye-sore in our house is our master bathroom... it's a pit. And our motivation to finish it is really slow because there's awful wallpaper on the walls. Both awful in the sense that it's hideous, but it's also a nightmare to remove. We'll get there one of these days.

Lincoln had his first episode with a teen babysitter this morning, and he was a champ. Erin came to us on referral from our good friend Joy, and she was very good with him. Joy has three kids, so we knew if Erin could handle three, Lincoln would be no problem. Jenn and I are glad to know a good babysitter close by. Our babysitter from Scottsdale can't make it on short notice, although she also did a great job with Lincoln for long stretches.

Grandpa Doug and Grandma Paulette arrive back home today, and I understand they're itching to see Lincoln, so we're going over there for pizza this evening.

On a completely separate subject, what's up with the cold July nights?

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