Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Weekend, 2009

We've had an enjoyable Independence Day weekend at the Gates Home. On Friday evening we met up with three couple-friends from church and went to Blossom for their Salute to America. Lots of Sousa, 1812 and other good American music have become somewhat of a tradition for us, and this year we shared it outside of the family. We each brought a different dish to complete a whole meal, and you could say we ate well.

We didn't visit any parades on Saturday. It was more of a day of catching up on some of the household chores, but we did go for a short hike later in the day.

Two very interesting, very new events happened yesterday:

  • In the early afternoon, when Jenn was cleaning downstairs and I was occupying Lincoln upstairs, we'd been playing for quite a while, it was approaching lunch-time, and Lincoln pointed to his crib and started fussing. So I put him in the crib and he slept for more than an hour and a half. Stop for a minute, those of you who know Lincoln, and ponder the significance of that story... Lincoln told me when he was tired and ready for a nap. Holy cow!
  • Secondly, in the evening, when Lincoln was getting ready for his bath, he looked up at Jenn and said, "Snack?" It's a good thing dinner came right after the bath.
We've had to rearrange bath time to allow his cast to dry. It dries very well, it just takes about an hour to do so. For those who are worried about Lincoln, as I'm writing this, he's pushing his Lion around just as he did in early May before he broke his leg.


Emily said...

hey, nice shirt!

Ryan said...

I wondered if you would notice! I love that shirt!

Jeanine :) said...

What hike did you do? We should meet on a trail someday :)
I'm about to finish the CVNP Hiking Challenge. I've really enjoyed getting to know the trails of the National Park better :)
Whenever I hike the Ira Trailhead I think of when Jenn was pregnant and her mom was visiting. You posted a picture of them walking together along the Towpath.

Ryan said...

This photo was from Sand Run... the Buckeye Trail, I believe. Cuyahoga Valley is something that if we lived outside of the state, I think we'd appreciate much more than we do now. We love hiking through it, though we haven't even been on half of the trails.

Jeanine :) said...

I totally agree about appreciating the Nat'l Park. That's actually why I decided to do the Hiking Challenge this summer. I realized we go across the country to Montana and visit Nat'l Parks like Yellowstone and Glacier but we have one 20 minutes from our house (much closer to yours, you lucky duck!). So, I made it my goal to hike as much of it as I could this summer :)
Our Metro Parks are also amazing!