Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clam Bakes, Sleepers and Betty-Time

Lots has gone on since our last post. Lydia has not yet arrived. Jenn is feeling pretty good. She's not sleeping very well at night, but her feet are not as swollen this time around as last time around. She's 1cm dilated. Yesterday was her last day of work for the next 3 months. We're ready for Lydia to come!
Last Saturday morning we hiked in the drizzle...
... then in the evening we went to Chris and Val's clam bake. It was quite the production, lots of people, and tons of good food. Lincoln was a little shy for the first 30 minutes or so, but then he warmed up. After that, he was talking to everyone, walking around the crowd, wandering out in the rain, etc. He wasn't into eating "the inside of the clams." He only wanted to play with the "outside of the clams." We also discovered that Lincoln is great to take to a wine party because he'll fill himself up with cheese, crackers and fruit.

Lincoln is a champ with the spoon.
In fact, today he and I went to Friendly's to get a Cone Head Sundae and he ate his portion of it (of course I had some!) without a bib and only a drop of ice cream on his pants.

Mom sent this to me, and I'd love to credit whomever came up with this idea, but all I know is that it was a couple of people from LaGrange, TX.

Mom and Emily have been super-creative with some of their gifts to Lydia. Emily painted the letters and Mom made the lamp shade to match Lydia's sheets and quilt.

Our roof had been allowing water to creep in along the siding just along the side of our great-room. This was a downer to learn, and it was something that we knew had to be fixed before the winter time and before any ice-damming could occur. So we arranged for that to be done this past week, and the guys did an awesome job. The gutters were also re-routed so that now only a fraction of water will even go on that area of the roof, which ought to minimize any ice-damming.
The weather has been cold lately, especially at night, which means... SLEEPER TIME!

Finally, the dogs have always been good with Lincoln, but I think they wouldn't choose to have him around much. He runs into them and hits at them, even though he knows it's wrong. Betty, especially, usually gets out of his way. But lately he's been much better with her. We've encouraged him to move slowly around her so that he can pet her. She's been slightly more trusting, and it culminated today with this "photo shoot."

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Emily said...

So cute! I miss you guys. can't wait to hear of Lydia's arrival.