Friday, October 22, 2010

First Bath

Jenn was able to do some resting today. Lincoln spent the early part of the day with Grandma Paulette and Grandma Gates, going to the "beauty shop," getting some new shoes (8 wide!), and going to West Side Bakery for some fall-themed cupcakes!
It's not as if a pattern has been set after the first five days of life, but to this point, Lydia loves to sleep at night and in the middle of the day. Then she likes to fight sleep and cry in the morning hours and the evening hours. Things are just different from when Lincoln was this age. One thing that's interesting is that she is completely irrational when it comes to having her diaper changed. She has a 100% meltdown and screams bloody murder. She's slightly better for changing her clothes. She's getting cute down, though, when she peaks out from under her hat to look around at what's going on.

Last night was Lydia's first bath, and she wasn't too terribly upset about it. She enjoyed the warm water. Other than the undressing and the dressing, she was great about it!
A funny story about two evenings ago. Lydia has been sleeping in our room so Jenn can hear her right when she wakes up for feeding. She's been a noisy sleeper, and on a couple of occasions, she stirred and Jenn picked her up and took her to the comfortable chair only to find out that she was still asleep. That never would have happened with Lincoln!

Lincoln has been playing the "Letter Game" at The accuracy and precision that he's learned with the mouse and the learning that he's shown with his letters and sounds is truly fascinating to us. He even plays 12-card memory games there, which I think is pretty darn cool for a not-yet 2-and-a-half year-old boy. Also in the last week we've watched parts of A Bug's Life and Toy Story. He's still not into watching television for long periods of time, but he's been into the parts we've watched. It cracks us up that he won't want to watch TV for too long, but he'll play the letter game for 90 minutes or more.

We've got a lot on tap for this weekend. Our plan is to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and pick out a few big gourds, then Lincoln, Grandpa Doug and I are going down to Leesville lake in the evening to get the boat out of the water. Then on Sunday, Lydia will make her first trip to church. Hopefully we'll all get some sleep this evening.

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