Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice Autumn Day

It's Saturday at the Gates Home. It started early with Jenn developing a craft for Lincoln (huh? wow!). The Hairy Caterpillar!

Lincoln and I have been playing "baseball" in the basement. It consists of us using my old mini-bats from the old Bat Days at Indians' games and his soft, inflatable Thomas the Train ball. Lincoln holds the ball in one hand and hits it with the bat in his other. We using terms like "homerun," "pop-fly," and "line-drive." Sometimes when I hit it real far he'll yell, "Touchdown!" but then we have to have the conversation that "touchdowns" are in football, not baseball.

We then went to the zoo. Apparently everyone else in the greater Akron area went to the zoo, too, because it was busy. Lincoln walked the whole way until we were on our way out when he asked me to carry him. He was a very good, obedient boy for me today.

The Buckeyes are on (and winning big), and we're waiting for Lydia. Just a normal weekend for us here!

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