Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lydia, day 4

There has been much outcry and demand for more photos. It seems a lapse of equal to or greater than 24 hours results in the locals showing up at my door with torches and pitchforks. Far be it for me to leave the masses upset (at least for very long), so without further delay, here is the latest.
Things are progressing quite nicely. Lydia has been sleeping less during the day. So far this isn't a bad thing... she was sleeping a ton during her first 48 hours home. We're also going to try to get her to stay up more during the evening so she won't feel the need to be wide awake between 2 and 4 in the morning.

Lincoln is doing pretty well. There's enough other things going on to occupy him that I don't think he's feeling like we're shortchanging his attention. He's become such a good boy about going places with me, so when I need to run errands, he can go with me instead of leaving Jenn with too much going on at home. He's also been spending some bonus time with Grandma Paulette and Grandma Gates, which he loves!

We're thankful for all of the well-wishes that have come our way by e-mail, Facebook and this blog. It's nice to know that others are interested on some level about what's going on at our place.

Gretel and Betty have come to notice that there's been an addition to our home. In typical Boxer fashion, Gretel seems concerned at times and just plain interested in at other times. In typical Pug fashion, Betty doesn't seem to give a rat's rear end that Lydia is home.

In sports news, the idiot linebacker for the Steelers, James Harrison, who likes taking head-shots at his defenseless opponents, has said he's considering retirement following the league fining him $75,000 for the vicious hit he gave Mohamed Massaquoi. This coming from a guy who signed a contract with a guaranteed $20 Mil. Cry me a river, Jimmy. If you can't play in such a way as to respect the life of your opponents, maybe you should find another line of work. And to the media (read: ESPN) that glorifies the head-violence and makes excuses for dirty plays, go away. I've boycotted certain personalities on ESPN (Chris Berman & Tom Jackson), I can boycott others.

In political news, kudos to Juan Williams for taking one for the anti-politically-correct team. He'll be the big winner in all of this. NPR will be the big loser. Count me as one who would like to defund NPR.


Emily said...

So cute!!!! Love the pictures, especially the one with Jenn holding her. . .and by the way Jenn looks great too. I'm impressed!

Mary Zolene said...

Yeah!! Now I can put my pitchfork down- well for at least a 24 hour reprive. Haha!