Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Picking Version 2010

Today was our (mostly) annual trip to the Apple Orchard. You may recall that we had to put off our trip last year when Lincoln vomitted in the car. So it had not been since this photo that Lincoln had accompanied us on our fall family tradition.

Aside: I had mentioned in the last post the Lincoln's been sick lately. He's got a really runny nose and a tough cough. It's not limiting his play-time, or his desire for independence, or his ability to be funny. Earlier in the week he woke up crying very seriously. I went into his room and asked if he had a bad dream and he answered, "Yes." Since then, when he wakes up crying, he tells us that he's had a bad dream.
Then Jenn asked him on one occasion what his bad dream was about, and without missing a beat, he replied, "Ice cream." So I'm not sure he completely understands what we mean by "a bad dream."

Back to the events of the day, the house smells wonderful. The applesauce is cooking, and apple pies, apple dumplings and apple crisp is on the agenda, as well.

The Buckeyes started a few minutes ago. I DVRed it so I won't have to watch all of the commercials, but I'm getting antsy to watch, so I'll be closing up shop here shortly.
The days are ticking down to Lydia's arrival. Because Lincoln was so late, it's hard to know exactly when Lydia will decide to make her appearance. The possibility of her coming early really hasn't been on our radar. Hmmm... Will we look back to this blog post and laugh?

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Emily said...

You never know... there could be some pretty scary dreams about icecream! =)
Thinking about you guys!