Friday, September 17, 2010

Catch up

Things are going pretty well here. Jenn and I have been busy with this event and that get-together. Jenn's been feeling okay, though she says that this pregnancy is very different from Lincoln's. She more uncomfortable more of the time, and she's been having trouble sleeping for some time now. Borrowing some clothes from Mary was a huge help as she's able to have extra outfits for work and church. And speaking of work, Jenn's been keeping very busy with work when she's there, and even more busy at home with Lincoln. She actually says that she's more tired after a day with Lincoln than a day at work.

Jenn's last visit with the OB revealed that she's 4cm short. This means that she needs to have another ultrasound next week, and while we're not terribly excited about that, there's a possibility that it may show that she needs to be induced sooner than her due date. We'll keep you posted. We're asking the Lord for a healthy pregnancy and deliver no matter when the day comes... please join us.

Jenn's also been in Cheesecake Mode lately. Most recently it was a cheesecake with cake in the middle of it, surrounded by raspberry jam and peaches. Holy. Cow. There's a few pieces of leftovers, but those will be gone by the end of tomorrow.

Lincoln is doing well. Physically, he's doing great. Socially, he's doing very well, too. The potty training is about 80% there, though he's much better for everyone other than me and Jenn. So we're still working on it. He's been very good going to his Sunday School class and spending his time with Miss Leah on Tuesdays when Grandma & Grandma Gates go to Ladies Class.

He's really been funny lately. The wheels are definitely turning in his mind. You can tell he's very proud of himself when he makes clever connections and answers tougher questions. He's been making very funny facial expressions when he makes these connections, and Jenn and I just laugh.

For instance, he loves paying attention to me when I'm using any sort of tools, such as inflating the tires with the air compressor. Then, completely unrelated, he was playing with Grandma in the basement and he banged his head on the door frame. To calm him down, she applied a cool, damp cloth. Then when Lincoln arrived home, he told Jenn that Grandma held an air compressor to his head (cool compress, get it?!) to help him feel better.

Another funny thing... you'll recall our visit to the museum recently. We were then watching the Buckeyes rout the Canes last Saturday, and as Lincoln was cheering for the Buckeyes (he can spell O-H-I-O!), he said, "Go! Run to the..." He paused, knowing that there was a word for where the man with the ball runs, but not recalling that the term was "end zone" or "touchdown," he said, "Run to the museum!" Ha!

So with the exception of some whiny moments, Lincoln's been a total hoot.

This Saturday evening we're going to a hot air balloon festival. Look for photos from that as I expect we'll have a blast.

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