Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good U/S Visit for Jenn Today

We had a bit of a rough night last night. Lincoln had been working on some sneezing and coughing spells, and last night he was up routinely with a nasty cough. Beginning at 2:30,
I sat with him in his chair, thinking that sitting up would help him breath better. Then we moved to his bed where I stayed with him to make sure he stayed on his propped-up pillows. Needless to say, I went to work tired this morning. I would have gotten some sleep because Jenn traded places with me at 5:55am and gave him some Tylenol and Vicks Vapo Rub, but by that time, Lincoln decided to start talking... a lot... because he was all the way rested and feeling better from his medicines!

The sneezing has persisted, but otherwise he's doing well.

Jenn went for another ultrasound today. If you were confused by my last note about her and Lydia, here's the explanation: She's supposed to measure in centimeters the same as the number of weeks she's been pregnant. At her last visit, she was measuring 4 cm less. There are a number of potential reasons for this, from the serious to the no-big-deal. If her placenta was failing and there wasn't sufficient amniotic fluid, that would be a bad thing for Lydia. But today's visit demonstrated that things are okay. Lydia has moved down (Jenn was very suspicious of this because of how she was feeling), and that accounts for the measurment change. Jenn and I were suspicious that things were okay anyway because why else would the put the ultrasound appointment off for a week?
If Lydia's life were really in danger, I'd think they'd ultrasound ASAP. But that's human medicine for you. Also, according to the ultrasound measurements, Lydia's measuring at 6# 5oz. We'll see!

Our busy month is blitzing by toward October. There are still events on our calendar, but they'll mostly be at the mercy of one big event.

On a completely separate subject, I want to high-light a website for a company that I like: Fleetwood Properties. The guy behind this business is a first-rate businessman that is doing a lot of good in the Akron area. He buys homes that are in awful shape, fixes them up, and sells them. They're usually in not the nicest neighborhoods, but because he makes them so nice, he helps out the property value of the area. It's also a way for folks to buy a nice house that they otherwise wouldn't be able to find. Further, providing good links to any website is a good thing when it comes to the search engines, so I thought I'd help him out a bit.

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