Monday, June 22, 2009

More Home-Work

Our new bedroom furniture ought to be delivered soon, and that means we need to get off of our fannies and get painting in our bedroom. It's only been 3 years!!! Jenn did a great job of pulling the wallpaper in the room. You may recall the crazy border application:

Improvement is being made:
bedroom 2bedroom 1

Surprisingly, Lincoln has been very good at being patient when Jenn and I are working. He's been playing by himself very nicely in the bathroom right next to where we're working.

Another fun development is that Lincoln has learned to feed himself toast. He's been quite curious about watching our hands when we're turning things on and off, and when we're cutting food or patting burgers. Lately one of the fascinations has been his watching Jenn tear off pieces of toast. Today, Jenn handind him a piece of toast for him to tear bits himself, and he did a good job. He tends to let his mouth get a little bit too full, but he hasn't choked yet!

We'll post some progress pics as they come.

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