Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Week

The little man in the cast is doing great. He learned to crawl effectively with it within 24 hours. He's sleeping pretty well, too. And last night he had his first bath with the cast. This was the first time I've had experience with a wet cast, and it was a little odd seeing his cast fully submerged. But it dried out quickly, and there wasn't a problem at all.

We went on a walk yesterday afternoon. The neighborhood around downtown Hudson and Western Reserve Academy, right next to First and Main, has become our new favorite place to walk. Anyway, we've found a number of homes with Pugs, and when we walk past them, Lincoln says, "Puh!" or, "yip, yip," (the sound Betty makes when she's begging from the deck). Yesterday we stopped to talk with one of the owners, and the brewing storm moved in and we got soaked on our way back to the car. Lincoln didn't care, and we all looked pretty funny.

We're thankful for a healthy little boy, and we're all doing quite well despite a neon green cast in our home.

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