Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Breakfast

Lincoln and I went to his doctor's appointment on Wednesday and learned that he'll wear his cast until July 16. He's up and around like little is wrong. So just a few more weeks.

We're looking forward to Auntie Haley's visit in a couple of weeks. What started out as just a weekend visit has been extended because she's going to take care of Lincoln on Monday and Tuesday while Jenn and I are at work. He'll get some quality-Auntie-Haley time! I understand Great Grandparents Mullen will be over on Sunday and Monday, as well. Lincoln really does enjoy visitors.

In my last blog post I mentioned the Shaquisition, and suggested a potential nickname. Apparently some others had come up with The Big Walleye, as well. I read another one that I liked: The Big Witness. So we'll see how things shake out. There's definitely a small buzz of excitement about the trade... usually it's Cleveland shipping its own stars out to save a little money. Also, I wonder if the Indians kicked in a little money to help out the Cavs... I think the Indians ownership would do just about anything to get off of the front page for a while given all of the losing that's taken place.

As usual, Saturday marked our trip to the bakery to get some breakfast. Today we got a loaf of day-old white bread, and we made French Toast. Let's just say it was a winner in Lincoln's book.

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