Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Zoo Trip of 2012

I'm really getting behind the curve here.

Lincoln has been helping me with a few painting projects. One of them is for Henry's room, and when we're through with it, we'll post some photos.
He's also been back to playing with Legos after a brief hiatus. This has been prompted a bit by his receiving the Lego Club Magazine where he enjoys playing some of the word games as well as looking at the photos of things that "kids have made." I'm convinced that parents are building those things, but what do I know. So Lincoln built a couple of guns of which he wanted me to take photos. I like his iniative spirit!

We've also been battling some coughs... all of us have.
Last Saturday I had a Daddy Day with the kids while Jenn was at work in the morning, so after a few errands, we went for our first Akron Zoo visit of the season. Sure it was cold, but we still had fun.

Thankfully, Lydia has been more into books lately. You'll recall that Lincoln was interested in books seemingly from the womb. Lydia, not so much. But over the last few weeks, she's been more interested in picking out books and sitting still for longer periods of time while we read to her.
She's also learned to use a step stool very, very effectively.

And word out of middle Tennessee is that the Hopwoods are still waiting...

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