Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Hike of 2012

Today was our first real hike of 2012. The weather was beautiful, and aside from some muddy parts of the trail, it was very pleasant to be out there. We went on the Cross Country Trail, which is 2.5 miles, and Lincoln held up very well. It was his longest hike without being carried for at least some portion, and the fact that he did it on his first hike of the season impressed us.

On a completely different subject, Lincoln is starting to gather some steam on the reading front. He's sounding out letters and making out simple words. Our teaching/learning bursts don't last long because he'll either get bored or frustrated, but he's making pretty good progress during the durations where we stay on task.

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Emily said...

Way to go, Lincoln! You know that reading practice makes Auntie Em so proud! You guys are doing great!