Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lydia Eats

We had a full Saturday yesterday. In the early morning we went to The Ledges to hike, and it was a foggy, buggy morning. Two hours and a shower after we got home, I found a tick crawling on my ankle. Ticks are in NE Ohio, and it's a no-doubter.



Last evening we went to the livestock auction at the Summit County Fair. I was completely ignorant of what to expect, but now that I've seen the process, we're planning on buying a pig next year. Nick, one of my middle schoolers, finished 4th in the hog division, 3rd in showmanship, and his hog fetched $2.40 per pound. This trailed only the Grand Champion ($6.00/lb.) and the Reserve Champion ($6.10/lb.)! It's clear that the champions fetch big money because the buyers get recognition over the next year, so it's good advertising. For instance, the Marhoffers of the Ron Marhoffer Auto Family bought the Grand Champion Hog.

I'm quite impressed with the 4-H kids and their families. Having seen both ends of the 4-H spectrum, the young kids with the chickens and lambs to the veterinary students who got their start as the young kids with the chickens and the lambs, it's a pretty cool organization.

I'll have some fair photos to post in a few days. Until then, feast on these...

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