Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lydia's First Tooth

It's been a couple of weeks now since our big Father's Day Dinner. Since that time, Lincoln's bedtime prayers have included all of our extended family, the boy or girl in China that will be part of our family, Pastor Joe and Mr. Bossler, the little boy that got our Christmas shoebox, and Great Grandma Mullen's strawberry jello. Apparently that jello made quite an impression on Lincoln.
When I placed this shirt on Lincoln and grabbed my tie, he put it together instantly what I was planning. He said, "I can be a doctor!" Yes, Lincoln, you can.

Monday evening was Lincoln's first time using fireworks. He watched me shoot bottle rockets, fire off Wolfpacks (he was not fond of these), smoke bombs and smoke candles. His hands-on experience was limited to whiper-snappers (a.k.a. snap 'n' pops). He loved them! He stayed up much later than usual, and was very cooperative with bed time, which leads me to wonder if we should make fireworks part of the bedtime routine...

Lydia finally gave me an opportunity to get a photo of her first tooth!
Yesterday was Swimming Lesson #2 for Lincoln, and after much weeping and gnashing of teeth upon entry into the large pool room, Miss Hannah took him by the hand, pulled him in the water and told him to blow bubbles, which he immediately did very well, and the crying stopped. He did very well for the rest of the lesson and seemed to enjoy himself.

And to close this post out, here's some more of Lincoln's photography...

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